sAngels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!

Angels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!
You are reading this blog because your soul knows you are Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew. We came to Earth to help humanity ascend with Gaia to the higher dimensions. May this blog inspire you during this extraordinary time (please use discernment - posts are my opinion only).
Onwards and upwards, fellow Ground Crew members!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Your inner spark

Here are messages I relate to from

The Constant Companions via Aisha North: 'You have not lost that inner spark that has kept you going despite all of the obstacles you have encountered...You are neither more nor less than anything nor anyone else in all of Creation...this is the one answer that will answer every single question you have.'

It is true about the inner spark. No matter how low my spirits have sunk in this lifetime, I have managed to keep on keeping on. That is a massive achievement! You, too, have managed to keep on keeping on. Well done, you!

And here is SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey regarding Disclosure: 'We are looking forward to making more contact with you but it is not yet the time for more open contact. It will come of course, and even so is not too far in the future.'

Isn't that so comforting, so reassuring, to hear that our galactic family are ready and waiting to greet us openly - soon. Meanwhile we can take heart from their constant love and support, albeit invisible for now.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chat with Ashtar

It has been many weeks since I saw the flashing lights of star ships in the night sky. I miss them. I confess to begging my galactic friends to flash a greeting for me.

During this morning's meditation I asked Commander Ashtar why the lights had stopped. He said they flashed frequent signals when I was very down and needed comfort and reassurance. 'Am I down now?' he asked. No. 'Do I need reassurance or do I just want reassurance?'

 Aaah, there was the insight: I don't actually need the flashing lights any more, I just really really want them! Ashtar indicated that the fleets of star ships are occupied doing important business and if I can do without the greetings, it would be helpful. Of course I don't want to tie up valuable resources babying me along.

He suggested that instead, every night before I go to sleep, I visualize myself going aboard my own starship and being with my crew. Excellent idea! I did it last night and will do it every night from now on. After all, that is where I do go when I am asleep...

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our lightworker family

I relate to this heart-felt article by Steve Beckow:

The most important thing we lightworkers can do now is support each other. We know why we are here...we are all in a holding pattern, waiting for the flag to drop. Then it is green for go! Once we have our funds through the currency revaluation, we will be in a position to travel as part of our mission.

Think of the huge global lightworker family scattered all over the surface of beloved Gaia. Below us are our colleagues and friends of Inner Earth; above us are our star brothers and sisters. The tremendous amount of light radiating from us all must be a sight to behold.

Keep your faith and trust in the divine plan. I only have to glance at the sordid daily 'news' headlines on my work computer to know the 3D illusion has got to end, and soon. Remember there is only Love: be that Love in every moment. All is well.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Party time!

I sense that some kind of 'finish line' is now very very close. I am pleased to be calm, accepting of my daily life, refusing to be drawn into every little 3D drama. Detachment is the key to handling this powerful time of transition.

James McConnell has channelled both Sanat Kumara and Adama (from Inner Earth) at

Here is Sanat Kumara: 'This is the year when all that you know of is going to wash away (in the tsunami of love)...All is about to change in the twinkling of an eye...You are standing on that precipice, each of you. Ready to jump when the announcement is made, the clarion call goes out. It is coming!'

And Adama from the city of Telos in Inner Earth: 'We are anxiously awaiting the time for our emergence. We have grand celebrations planned, both here in Inner Earth and there on the surface and yes, up in the ships as well....' I can't wait to celebrate with my galactic friends and Inner Earth family.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Winds of change

It is early autumn in my region - usually a time of warm, still golden days without a breath of wind. Not this year. Most days it has been extremely windy. I have been saying to myself, 'Winds of change...'

Hilarion says via Marlene Swetlishoff at 'The winds of change are upon you. While life goes on as before, the changes that occur within you are vast. These changes are taking place within each soul who lives upon the planet.'

I am wearing a Red Jasper pendant to work. It was recommended by a healer friend to help anchor me to the Earth plane. She said that my struggle to stay in the dense Earth vibration has resulted in very little of my energy actually being here.

It was a big realization for me. I have been thinking, 'I don't want to be here' for my entire life, and trying to 'escape' any way I can. Yet I volunteered to help humanity ascend, so I must ground myself so I can fulfill my mission. No more self-pity!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Sunday, February 23, 2014

My bags are packed...

It is early days but I am doing a good job of staying in the flow, surrendering to each moment as it arises. It is a relief - I found it exhausting yearning for Big Events, wondering when they would occur. Now Big Events will find me doing what works best for this lightworker: living in the moment.

The Constant Companions discuss flow via Aisha North at 'Simply go with the flow, even when it seems to take you far beyond what your mind can comprehend. For it will not take you anywhere you are not meant to go. It will simply take you out of the known waters and into the brand new unexplored ones, in ways that will help you to set yourself free from the old and dive all the way into the new.'

If humanity was suddenly catapulted into higher dimensions because we reached that critical mass level of light vibration, I would have no regrets. I am happy to say that I have finally made peace with the third dimension. Now, as the song says, 'My bags are packed and I'm ready to go...'

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Ascension process

These quotes about Ascension are from a session Dolores Cannon had with a regression client (Convoluted Universe Book 3):

'This is where you, as a planet, awaken out of the dream of thinking you are alone, that you're all that is. Your Earth is evolving. You are all evolving. All eyes are on Earth right now. This is the big one...There are those even from other universes that are watching.'

'It is just like you wake up one morning and you think everything's normal...and you will be there...all of a sudden, one day, you will reach  the prerequisite cycles per second to take you from here to there.'

'We never know when the new Earth will appear but it is coming. It is going to be here. It's just a question of when the vibration and energy will reach the level to almost...pop and create the second world.'

I feel personal and planetary Ascension involve the same process: reaching a critical mass of light vibration necessary to ascend to higher dimensions. We are in the closing phase of that extraordinary journey right now!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, February 21, 2014

Yet another Aha! moment...

This morning I made the connection between two strong desires: leaving New Zealand and leaving my job. I realized that 'leaving' (read 'running away') has been my pattern in this lifetime. I look to new locations and jobs as an escape from the harshness of 3D life.

I don't need to run any more: there is nowhere to run to! I can escape 3D life - and do every day - when I meditate and walk in nature. All the antidotes to 3D life are contained within my heart, if I will just listen to the messages.

The Constant Companions via Aisha North: 'This is the most thorough 'house cleaning' you will ever have...this seemingly incessant shaking is done to get that last little collection of grit out of your system.' We lightworkers are experiencing incessant shaking to dislodge everything that will stand in the way of our long-awaited Ascension.

Jesus, via John Smallman: 'Focusing on anything that is not in alignment or harmony with Love only serves to delay your awakening. Love is penetrating even what appear to be the hardest of hearts.' I choose to focus on my new life in the higher dimensions and devote minimal energy to 3D concerns.

Love and Light fellow Ground Crew members


Surrender, surrender, surrender

These phrases run through my mind: 'Surrender, surrender, surrender' and '3D life is now just details'. I feel it is about completely letting go of the irritations of 3D life. They are not worth the energy.

During this morning's meditation, Lord Sananda says to imagine there are only three weeks of 3D life left (Spirit hopes the big changes will occur within that time). Let's do our bit and throw our heart and soul into supporting that vision. If we arrive at the three week mark and it has been delayed, we will find the strength to hang on for another three weeks. Why? Because we are light warriors, the strongest of the strong...

During the meditation, Sanat Kumara said, 'We are all waiting and watching for the perfect time (to bring in the changes). The whole universe is watching and waiting. You are in good company, friends!'

Finally, the Galactic Federation of Light speak of meditation via Blossom Goodchild at 'This gift of 'travel' without moving is one of the most precious treasures that the Human Being was equipped with...' I agree. Meditation is my link to my beloved spiritual advisers and friends.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hopeful message from Saul

My work colleagues are discussing how tired we all are. The whole of humanity seems to be tired. It's as if we sense how close the finish line is for the dissolution of the third dimension and we just want it over with already.

I am reassured by this message from Saul via John Smallman at 'Here in the spiritual realms, as we watch over you most lovingly and compassionately, we are very well aware of your anxiety and impatience as time rolls on with no apparent sign of humanity's awakening.'

'Remember it will be sudden, unexpected - even though you are expecting it - and your joy and wonder will overwhelm you as it happens. and of course, that drawing ever closer.'

Onwards and upwards, one day at a time. The finish line is in sight!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Life is a rollercoaster (Part 2)

This morning Spirit gave me an explanation for my rollercoaster life, particularly the chaotic job. They said that it is practice for staying calm, centred and balanced when Big Events start to happen. To recap, here is how I think it will pan out...

I believe the global currency revaluation will take place within weeks. Evening out the currencies will bring prosperity and freedom to humanity, which will induce a great wave of euphoria all over the world.

The mass euphoria will instantly raise the vibration of all humanity, making visible the presence of our galactic family - who are already here! We cannot see them yet because our vibration has not elevated to the critical point.

Remember in Peter Pan how Tinkerbell was saved because the children of the world were asked to say 'I believe in fairies'? Well, the scenario I have described will benefit from the same kind of active faith. Say it! 'I believe in the Reval and Disclosure'. Say it over and over, and it will manifest.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Life is a rollercoaster (Part 1)

Rollercoaster - the most appropriate word I can think of to describe how daily life feels for me. We lightworkers are acting as a bridge between the dying third dimension and the higher dimensions. I feel as if I am all over the place, changing my mind from one minute to the next...

It is very challenging keeping my energy calm, balanced and grounded. Today Spirit said, 'Don't be so hard on yourself'. And it's true. I often think, 'I should have things under control by now - I have been on the spiritual path for a long time.' However I underestimate the difficulties of negotiating the current chaotic energies.

These things keep my spirits elevated: a good laugh...a beach intelligent movie...meditation...Gaia website...friends...acknowledging the 3D illusion for what it vision for an abundant future, free of the daily grind...

Give yourself a pat on the back for getting up each day! We lightworkers 'go to work' from the minute we open our eyes each morning, and we don't stop until we shut them again at night and return Home for blissful time with our soul family and friends (or more work with Archangel Michael!).

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Appearance of space beings

I am not used to being physically unwell so my on-going head cold is sapping my energy. I awaken each day more tired than the one before. Please don't think I am moaning: it is my current truth.

Therefore I choose to believe the optimistic words of the Ascended Masters via Sheldan Nidle at 'Much is now ready to happen. Be prepared to expect great things to occur. The world that you have long known is starting to fall apart. New currencies and new regulations are ready to begin manifesting, and this will quickly lead to new governance.' Hallelujah!

I constantly re-read Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe books because her regression clients speak of  the upcoming Shift. Their main message is simple: be ready. Be ready to stay calm when space beings appear in our midst and everyone is running around screaming in fear. All we need to do is stay calm.

Remember, we know we are safe - we have been expecting this visit from our galactic family for eons. When we stay calm, people around us will be reassured. We can do it!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Butterflies at play

I had an interesting experience during my lunch break at work today. I went to the local public gardens as usual and sat on a park bench overlooking a pretty rose bed. As I sat there, I was conscious of relaxing, forgetting my work stresses for a while.

I thought, 'Maybe I should meditate...' But I was too tired, so I decided to watch two monarch butterflies at play in the sky. As I enjoyed their graceful flight, I realized that I was meditating after all.

It is the simple things of nature that can sustain us lightworkers during this trying time of transition on the Earth plane. Our beloved planet Gaia - temporary home for many of us from other planets - is a place of great beauty. Let's enjoy it as often as possible, and offer our thanks to her in return.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, February 17, 2014

Arcturian channelling (Part 2)

...Still with the Arcturians...

They discuss abundance in great detail in the second part of the channelling. Once again, I strongly identify with their ideas about abundance: 'Start the flow moving - give away unused clothes or items - get the flow of Love (service or goods) and Gratitude (payment) moving. Always there must be flow.'

I have been giving away my hardly-worn clothing for years. It gives me great pleasure to drop off a bag to the Salvation Army. When I moved from my large house to my current small dwelling, I gave away almost an entire house lot of items instead of selling them.

Lately, my clothing donation has gone up a notch. If I buy something and don't absolutely love it, I give it away unworn. I am close to the point of buying clothes especially to donate to charity! I love the feeling of flow that donation brings.

Please go through your entire house and wardrobe, cull a whole layer that you know you won't miss, and give it away. Not because you want to attract abundance, but for the sheer love of helping humanity.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Arcturian channelling (Part 1)

I am having daily Aha! moments - so many insights pouring in. I resonate with this profound article on a very deep level. It feels as if it was channelled just for me!

The Arcturians say, 'Evolved souls incarnated bringing a complete list of any issues they needed to many raised in abusive family situations specifically chose those families (pre-birth) in order to activate a long held consciousness of low self-esteem.'

I felt marginalized from a young age by my 'parents'. I have fought hard all my life to raise my self-esteem, helped by nearly three decades of sobriety. Finally - finally - I have cast off everyone who has not honoured the truth of who I really am. I feel genuinely happy and free for the first time.

The Arcturians conclude, 'Be very honest with yourselves, Dear Ones, for you now are at a point of either moving forward or staying in the old.' I feel centred, balanced and ready. My mission is to be an ambassador for the Galactic Federation on the Earth plane. Bring it on!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Ocean of tranquility

Recently my brother said we cannot fail to see that rapid change is occurring around us. It is happening to all humanity, whether they are aware of it or not. For me, it feels as if layers and layers of fear are falling away, to be replaced by one thing: love.

Loved ones are facing up to, and changing their 3D behaviours and attitudes...Strangers are making eye contact and smiling, as if we share the secret to happiness...I am finally understanding that beneath tension, misunderstanding - bullying even - we are all the same!

Master Kuthumi via Natalie Gleeson at 'The love vibration is asking you to release all that is no longer needed, everything that makes you run from love, and asking you to stay, stand and be present in love forever more.' I get it, I really do.

The Constant Companions via Aisha North: 'That vast ocean of tranquility that you will get to take a swim in now and then is there, waiting for you to fully immerse yourself in it the moment that very last piece of old detritus has been left behind.' My own full immersion feels tantalizingly close...

Onwards and upwards! Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, February 15, 2014

The dragon fly portal

Enjoy this wonderful article full of hope for the next seven days...

I am still recovering from a head cold. Other friends are also recovering from illness. Most of us are exhausted, counting down to the end of this dying 3D illusion. What buoys my vibration immensely is the love and support of my soul family on the Earth plane. You know who you are! I could not do this without you.

Time and memory are now bizarre concepts. I have 'lost' so much information about my past, eg names of previous neighbours, dates of events, etc. I have always prided myself on an excellent memory. Living in the Now moment is taking some adjustment!

I relate to Steve Beckow at 'There's so much I don't know. So many things are happening behind the scenes...(on Earth plane and in Spirit)...The answer lies in consulting the heart, the soul, the Self.' It is so true, Steve.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, February 14, 2014

Light is dominant force on Earth

The shower is a good place for insights (Spirit uses running water as a conduit to get messages through to us). This morning's shower revealed that I chose my challenging work situation for a reason - to experience the opposite of light.

Being confronted daily by the most dense 3D vibration, I am constantly reminded of the importance of maintaining light on the Earth plane. I was so tempted to cut and run from work yesterday. However I have decided to stay and triumph over this situation. I keep saying to myself, 'I am doing the best I can...'

SaLuSa says via Mike Quinsey at 'Your world continues to experience birthing pains as the old has to be swept away to make way for the new, and as you are finding, it can result in very trying times. However these will only last for a limited period. Be assured that you are never without help.'

'The Light is now the dominant force upon the Earth. It will continue to be so and carry on expanding until the Light is in total control.' Amen to that!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tossed in stormy waters

I have been enmeshed in a situation that has caused me a great deal of angst. During a brief meditation this morning Spirit showed me that the situation is a game, and revealed the true character of the main player. As soon as I saw the truth I realized that I am free to exit the game. Yay!

It seems most lightworkers are being tossed around in the stormy waters, valiantly holding their heads up towards the light. These are tumultuous times. I carry deep within my soul the Dalai Llama's words, 'Never give up. No matter what happens, never give up.'

The Constant Companions via Aisha North at 'You need to trust yourself enough to let these waters carry you as far out as possible, the better to make you able to truly tap fully into those never-ending resources you already carry within.'

'The more you insist on hugging the shore-line, the worse these storms will seem. Their task is indeed to set yourself free and let yourself drift out into the unknown. For it is only in that wild blue yonder you will find the full and complete version of you.'

Onwards and upwards! Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not for the fainthearted

Today I still have a head cold. I relate to these words from the Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: 'You knew it was not for the fainthearted to attend the Earth crew sign up!' The bravest of the bravest, the strongest of the strong - that's us.

The Ascended Masters via Sheldan Nidle advise that the global currency reset is now poised to happen (my meditation with Lord Sananda this morning indicated within weeks). The Masters say, 'We ask your assistance. Meditate in your Love and Light. Use your wondrous intent. Send it in Love to us and to all humanity'.

Yes, the Ascended Masters benefit from us sending them Love! For me, Love and gratitude are synonymous. Finally, after years of thinking about it, I have started a daily Gratitude Journal. There are 46 pages in the journal, so I will continue until it is full. I need to see the abundance in my life, not the lack.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ugly garden analogy

I am home sick today. I believe it is a manifestation of being in a big city, absorbing the negative energy of so many people. I am used to small town life; peace and quiet.

When I returned home, every square inch of my garden was overwhelmed with weeds. Recent high winds deposited weed seeds all over my neighbourhood. I surveyed the scene with a sinking heart. Then I phoned my knight in shining armour gardening man who came with his magic sprays.

The thing is, the weeds are dying but they still look horrible. I have to wait patiently until they are completely dead then I can clear away the debris, revealing my pristine garden.

My garden is a perfect analogy for the current Ascension process. The 3D illusion is dying and it ain't a pretty sight. We have to endure the ugliness until the debris has been cleared, revealing the beautiful higher dimensions. I feel it is not long now, yay!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members



My holiday showed me that humanity is addicted to technology. As I walked beside the beautiful Swan River in Perth, everyone who walked/ran past me was listening to an I Pod. They couldn't hear the birds in the trees or their spirit guides communing with them in the stillness. Ipods, cell phones, laptops, radios and televisions are drowning the voice of Spirit. It is so sad.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council speaks of this technology addiction via Valerie Donner at She urges us to unplug for at least two hours a day from all forms of technology:

'We are speaking to the ground crew who has to be ready and capable of receiving information from us, the Light Realms, and from within. How are you going to do this if you are constantly distracted?'

Every day I walk beside the beach; every night I gaze at the night sky. In between I connect with nature as much as possible by appreciating birds, trees, clouds etc. Life in the third dimension is now running at a dizzying speed. Unplug! Be with Spirit in timeless nature.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Sending love rays

Read this wonderful article about the City of Light in Sedona. Could this be The Event that changes humanity forever?

While I was on holiday the abundance fairies were busy creating contract opportunities at work. I felt happy and in flow all day. I realized that I am not a prisoner at work, home, or anywhere. I always have choices. I am free! It's that sense of freedom that brings me joy.

Here is a lovely idea from Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: 'Practice sending a ray of love from your heart chakra to everyone you meet or are about to meet...The sending of the love ray before each encounter will create a field of open-hearted communication based on honesty and trust.'

I was blessed to meet Karen, a blog reader, yesterday. I am so grateful for my community of lightworker friends, seen and unseen.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, February 10, 2014

Call for extreme patience

I have just returned home after my Perth holiday. Sadly holidays in 3D life have to end. I want to go back to work with a positive attitude, buoyed by my belief that 3D work and stress could soon be over, forever.

My experience has always been that it is darkest before the dawn. I hang on and hang on and hang on through difficult times, then just before the sun comes out, I sink into deep despair.

We are now awaiting the biggest dawn ever - of a new dimension. The current phase calls for extreme patience. This lightworker is challenged to practice basic patience let alone extreme patience. However I have no choice but to continue being patient as the veil of the 3D illusion dissolves.

Any support you can lend the team with encouraging emails and comments is always appreciated. I am off to bed - no sleep for at least 24 hours!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Leap into the water

Many years ago my ex-husband, friends and I drove for hours through a dry desert valley in mid summer. We arrived at a beautiful river, stripped to our underwear, and threw ourselves into the water. We laughed as the current swept us along. It was exhilarating after the hot sticky drive!

This analogy is perfect for the Ascension journey. The CC's write via Aisha North at 'You must be willing to simply let go of everything...unlearn all of the traits of being human, a dependent and all of the old ideas, and trust yourself enough to simply let go...'

Time is disappearing so rapidly, each day is a blur. The finish line is close after this long arid Earth sojourn. I suggest we visualize ahead of time leaping into the warm, clear sparkling waters of the higher dimensions. I have spent a lot of time in the water this summer. It has been healing, life-affirming.

Last blog before returning to New Zealand, and today is my birthday! An exciting new year for me and humanity...

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, February 7, 2014

Prepare to scramble...

Well, it is official - snorkelling is my Happy Place on the Earth plane! Even though there were no colourful tropical fish, the water was cloudy and a big stingray nearly scared me to death - I loved it. I feel blissful among fish in the ocean.

I re-read Steve Beckow's interview with Archangel Michael from 9th January. Steve asks about the Tsunami of Love: 'Just to confirm again...this is happening soon, not weeks and not months in the future, but soon. Is that correct?' AAM: 'That is correct'.

I choose to believe AAM. I have set the intent to go snorkelling in Rarotonga. This vision keeps my vibration in a state of bliss which will help when the Tsunami of Love sweeps humanity. My new affirmation is, 'Next stop, Rarotonga!'

I will do Linda Dillon's Tsunami of Love meditation as often as possible. You will find it at Most importantly, I will pay close attention to my heart and all signs/messages I receive. The time has come. Spirit put that phrase into my head just now.

Ground Crew, this really is battle stations, prepare to scramble. Tie up all loose ends in your life. You could be consciously leaving the 3D plane at any moment. Be ready! Have no regrets or unfinished business. Onwards and upwards, friends!

Love and Light, Ground Crew members


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Soul family reunion

Something profound happened to me yesterday. I was re-united with my 27 year old nephew whom I have not seen for about ten years. What I did not expect was the depth of love I felt for this beautiful soul. He radiates love. Being in his presence is like basking in a warm, golden glow. He was also deeply affected by our reunion - we both had tears in our eyes.

Of course I wanted to know more about this wonderful, unexpected connection. During my meditation just now I met my nephew on a soul level. He and I have been together in many lifetimes, often as mother and son. I felt very emotional.

This is another example of the drawing together of soul family members.. Any soul family members we have not yet connected with are being drawn to us like magnets. Conversely, any physical family members whom we do not resonate with are drifting away. As I have said, it is a natural process for all concerned. It is very cool!

Love and Light fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So close now...!

Wow! Please read this important message thoroughly:...

Regular blog readers will remember me talking about my vision of falling off a cliff and soaring into the sky. Spooky! St Germaine describes this exact scenario in the channelling. Often I receive visions/messages in meditation then read channellings from Ascended Masters later that day, describing the same vision or message. I am in daily contact with these Ascended Masters, so it should not be a surprise.

My initial insights upon arriving in Perth are just deepening. Mostly I am convinced of the imminent dissolving of the 3D illusion. After two television-free years I have had to watch it at my daughter's apartment. It is appalling! Words fail to convey my horror at what the majority of humanity use as daily entertainment.

After reading St Germaine's message, you will see that we are so close now! Take a few moments to write your vision of your fifth dimension life. How do you really want to live? Write in detail how the first weeks and months will be when you are free to do whatever you want!  Read your vision every day and believe it with all your heart...

Love and Light


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Influx of insights

I knew that coming to Perth would bring an influx of fresh insights. I have been here less than 24 hours and I have already had several major Aha moments...

Firstly, I have a remedy for coping with everything I have no control over, eg the currency revaluation and Disclosure. I used the Serenity Prayer often during early sobriety but it has been on the back shelf for many years. Now it has been dusted off for daily use!

Secondly, I realize that it is a pointless exercise trying to find where I want to live in the world: I don't want to live anywhere on the 3D Earth plane. That realization frees me to focus on living happily in my inner world no matter where my physical body resides on the planet. Hallelujah!

Thirdly, I feel all my relationships have now settled into some kind of invisible divide - those people who are accompanying me on my inner journey, and those who are not. It is a natural process, and surprisingly not at all sad. Everyone is happy in their own vibration. Please trust this process in your own life.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Completing duality experiences

I am at Melbourne airport, the perfect place to observe humanity. People - in all shapes, colours and sizes - are fascinating! During the flight from New Zealand to Australia I thought, There is nothing to be afraid of! Fear is the biggest lie of the 3D illusion.We are always safe.There is no 'death'.

I am re-reading 2012: Creating Your Own Shift. SaLuSa writes about Ascension on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light, via Mike Quinsey: 'So many beings accompany you on your journey and they will do everything in their power to help you and urge you ever onwards. You will surely know, if you are one such soul, that you are well on the way to the completion of your experiences in duality...

'Once we can have direct contact with you, the changes will speed up and people will gravitate to those who are like themselves.' This gravitation process is happening in my own life, and may be happening in yours too.

Love and Light fellow Ground Crew members


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dispensation of Grace

This morning, after weeks of practicing extreme patience with someone, I lost it. I yelled and swore then endured terrible remorse afterwards. After we talked it through, we realized our communication process could be much improved. We forgave each other, but I still felt bad.

During meditation, Lord Sananda gave me the dispensation of Grace because mutual forgiveness had not been sufficient. He reminded me that I am doing the best I can. The dispensation of Grace is given when we sincerely try, but it is not enough. Grace removes the emotions forever.

Steve Beckow writes at, 'The tsunami of Love will accelerate our understanding and ability to love without conditions.' Sananda's message for humanity can be summed up in two words: Unconditional love. Earth school is the hardest testing ground in the multi-verse for learning this vital lesson.

I am going to Perth today to visit my beloved elder daughter. I intend to blog while I am away but may not always achieve it. I am sure the change of scene will bring interesting insights!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, February 1, 2014

My miracle list

The message from the Hopi Nation has settled into my bones. I resonate with this phrase: 'Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary'. I get it! There will be no more talk about struggling from this blog writer.

I woke unexpectedly at 2am and went outside. It was a stunning clear night. I chatted to my galactic friends and said, 'You know, I expect miracles from now on...'

When I went inside, I could not sleep. So I wrote this message on a beautiful card for myself: 'I expect these miracles to manifest in my life. The timing for these miracles is for the highest good of all concerned...(List of miracles I expect!)...I will read this card every day until every single miracle has come true. So Be It, Father/Mother God, thank you.'

The key difference between my current miracle list and all previous lists is I am now leaving the timing up to Spirit. I have been issuing deadlines for years: 'Please do this by such and such a date'. Well, there are others involved, both on and off-planet. Finally I abide by Spirit's timing. Yay, progress! :)

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members