sAngels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!

Angels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!
You are reading this blog because your soul knows you are Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew. We came to Earth to help humanity ascend with Gaia to the higher dimensions. May this blog inspire you during this extraordinary time (please use discernment - posts are my opinion only).
Onwards and upwards, fellow Ground Crew members!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome to 2014!

Bravo Steve Beckow! I have posted a link to an excellent article he has written about his unshakable faith in the Divine Plan, in spite of endless delays and unfulfilled predictions. I just wish I had written it myself, Steve. :):

Last night as I stood outside greeting my star brothers and sisters, I listened to the sounds of New Years Eve parties around my neighbourhood. I was alone last night - and this morning. But I remind myself that I chose my current situation. I could have stayed in the' comfort' of the familiar 3D illusion.

Like Steve, I am totally committed to the Divine Plan for Earth (and this universe). So 21st December 2013 was just another the global currency revaluation has not happen I don't see spaceships as often as I would like. None of that matters. I know, deep in my heart, there is no other path for me but this one.

I appreciate your loyalty, blog reader. Some days you are the motivation that keeps me going. I have promised myself I will continue blogging, no matter what. We are all in this together. I will not let you down.

Welcome to 2014, dear southern hemisphere friends! We are waiting for you with much love to join us, dear northern hemisphere friends - although we are together always in the Now.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, December 30, 2013

Craft sends flash of white light

...Yes, last night I was blessed with communication from a ship. It was a clear night and I watched what I thought was a satellite cross the sky. When the 'satellite' was directly overhead, it suddenly got brighter and brighter, then flashed a brilliant white light right at me! It felt personal. It was wonderful.

I asked Lord Sananda during my meditation this morning, what was the ship? He replied, simply: 'It was one of us.'

Last night was the first time I have seen the craft that sent the flashing light. Oh, cute! Spirit just said, 'We showed you the craft, knowing your eyes would follow it, so you would not miss our flash of light.' I often fret because I catch a glimpse of a flash of light on the periphery but miss seeing it fully.

Here is a lovely message for the last day of 2013 (in the southern hemisphere!) from Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young at 'You are almost energetically unrecognizable from this time last year. In one short year of your linear time, you have evolved so much!

It is absolutely remarkable what you have accomplished and we are so thrilled and excited for each and every one of you. It is your time. 2014 is yours, Dear Ones. You get to choose what you do with it.'

Love and Light fellow Ground Crew members


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Multi-dimensional Self meditation

Last night I was blessed with several flashes of purple light in the night sky. Not as 'flashy' as the white lights but comforting nonetheless...

Tomorrow is the last day of 2013, and what a year it has been! I intend to celebrate New Years Eve by doing a Pleiadian meditation to link into my multi-dimensional self, then watch a French movie.

New Years Eve is the anniversary of my last drink of alcohol on planet Earth 29 years ago. I have been imbibing a very different form of Spirit ever since!

The Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian Council explain the meditation: ' Each person has the ability to tune into their higher self and the higher dimensions, and to establish and strengthen a communication with us, your star families, your higher self, your multi-dimensional self and with the archangelic realm. We invite you to partake of all that is now readily available to you.'

Why would anyone ignore such a lovely invitation? It is time for us to meet our whole self. Here is the link:

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Testing times

I was feeling despondent because I had not seen the white flashing lights in the night sky for many weeks. During meditation, Lord Sananda said that I was being tested. Would I keep my faith if there was no communication from my star family?

I confess that my faith was shaken. I drew great comfort from those flashing lights - they are direct proof that I am part of the Galactic Federation of Light, the only thing that makes sense in my life now.

When my faith is tested, I focus on the most solid evidence I have - the beautiful pink/purple light I experience during meditation. It manifests on gloomy days so it is not sunshine.

Regarding the excitement of my mission, Lord Sananda said, 'The feeling of excitement comes in waves, does it not? When a wave comes, grab it! Build on it. The excitement is your sign that you are linked to your mission. Embrace it with all your heart. Trust yourself. No one knows your heart the way you do...'

Remember your mission is not about winning a popularity contest. Many people will not understand your choices - I already know this from my own experience. Listen to your heart: it knows your path.

Love and Light fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, December 27, 2013

Trust your intuition

Yesterday I had an experience that reinforced the importance of listening to my intuition. I planned a phone call to someone to share some 'news'. When the call started I instantly sensed it was not the right time to bring up the subject, so I did not mention it.

I find myself letting go of so many things - ideas, plans, people, possessions. I am learning to wear life like a loose garment, surrendering to the energies, allowing each day to unfold and reveal itself. Believe me, this is new behaviour for this control freak!

On a physical level, I am drinking a lot of water to avoid headaches, and I feel ill if I indulge in sugary treats. I try to get plenty of sleep because tiredness is an issue. Walking beside the beach is a daily pleasure.

SaLuSa says via Mike Quinsey at 'Each of you has been selected to be here...and for many of you, life will suddenly offer you the changes that you have been seeking. As lightworkers, you each have something to offer that will be utilized at the right time.'

Onwards and upwards! Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is your heart singing?

It is interesting how the revelation of my new path has affected me. I feel very emotional during meditation, shedding tears for the first time in ages. They are tears of joy!

Sandy Stevenson says in her wonderful book The Awakener (essential guide to Ascension): 'Excitement is the key to follow. This is the feeling you carry within the blueprint that points the way of your path. It is the indication of rightness of Spirit. Does it make your heart sing or sink?'

My new path fills me with excitement and a sense of 'rightness of Spirit'. When I am not on track, I literally feel alarm bells ringing within my body. No alarm bells today.

Archangel Michael says via Celia Fenn at 'In 2014, the Earth will be anchored in the fifth dimension and will be vibrating at the frequency of the Gold Ray of the Christ Consciousness....(which) will initiate a powerful surge of awakening on the Earth. People will be awakening at a very rapid rate, and you will have much work to guide and assist them...if that is your mission.'

It is definitely my mission, more of which is being revealed every day. Yippee!

Love and Light fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Boxing Day Aha! moment

This morning I had an Aha! moment. It was profound, and life-changing. I have not spoken to anyone about it yet - I want to take a few days to let it sink in. It was later confirmed by Lord Sananda in my morning meditation.

I feel many lightworkers will have Aha! moments in coming weeks, when their mission and direction becomes clear. For me, the fog lifted in a single instance and the revealed path made sense. It was accompanied by a feeling of warmth and 'rightness'.

The lovely thing is, there's no one left in my life to judge or criticize my actions. The 'nay sayers' have all fallen away - I am free to follow any path I choose.

Here are inspiring words from the Galactic Federation of Light via Sheldan Nidle at 'We wish to give each of you a sacred blessing. May this year-end holiday season be the start of a series of minor and major miracles that quickly manifest this new epoch for all! We are close to disclosure and the Grand Reunion of all Humanity!'

Amen to that! Love and Light fellow Ground Crew members


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Day from NZ!

It would have been easy to think of this Christmas Day as sad and 'less than' - it is the first one without my beloved elder daughter who moved to Western Australia mid-year. My two daughters and I adore Christmas. We have special traditions, including a real tree and watching 'Elf' every Christmas Eve.

It is 1.30pm and so far it has been a magical Christmas Day! My younger daughter and I had pressie opening together, then we joined her big sister on Skype to open the rest. We all felt close, even though we were not in the same room.

My older daughter and I texted each other afterwards to say how much we enjoyed it. She said, 'Christmas is about what you make of it.'

I am learning my biggest lesson: Love transcends physical bodies and geographical miles. My loved ones are in my heart at all times, just a heart beat away. Separation and alone-ness are the biggest 'lie' of the illusion. We are all One!

I wish all blog readers a very happy Christmas, our beloved Lord Sananda/Jesus/Yeshua's 'birthday'. Remember he is with each of us always.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve from NZ

I am always looking for promising signs for 'the future' so I enjoyed Taryn Crimi's channeling of the Angelic Guides:

I am amazed at the amount of spiritual growth I have experienced this year. The Angelic Guides say that all our hard work will be rewarded in 2014. They recommend we 'create the life we dream of' rather than the life we think we will have. Great advice!

Here is some exciting 'news' from the Council of Angels and the Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight: 'The release of the global prosperity funds is being planned for after Christmas...(It will) allow for the release of the slavery system of Earth...there will be a great equalizing occurring for all humanity.'

Our time has come, dear friends. We chose to take part in this momentous Ascension - one that will impact on the entire universe. No wonder we are being watched over by countless star brothers and sisters! Are we alone? No way! :)

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reflecting on 2013...

Aisha North reminds us at 'You are no longer the same person you were when this year started...Take some time to congratulate yourself on a job very well done...and sit down in anticipation for what is yet to come...The best is yet to come.'

Many of us lightworkers have let go of jobs, relationships and karmic baggage during what has been an intense, challenging year. Most of us are exhausted and hanging out for 'The best is yet to come...'!

I am happy to take some time to relax now, and I hope you will too. Please enjoy the simple things, whether it is the sandy beaches of a southern hemisphere summer, or the snowy landscape of a northern hemisphere winter. Mother Earth is a being of great beauty: it would be rude not to show our appreciation. :)

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Missing soul family members

I was drawn to this article by Owen K Waters 'Alone In A Crowd'. He says, 'The holidays can be a time when spiritually-aware people feel a certain aloneness, even in the midst of a crowd.'

'Part of your consciousness lives with the pure essence of your soul family all the time...It is your awareness of that soul family-connected part of yourself which makes you yearn for the close community that you experience in these other realms of consciousness.'

I, for one, resonate with these words. I belong to a Twelve Step programme - it is the closest I can get on Earth to that feeling of soul family, where I am accepted and loved unconditionally. And of course I have my precious daughters and close friends.

Spirit says we lightworkers will be connecting with sacred partners and soul friends, in order to fulfill our mission to help humanity ascend. Many of us are in a void space, awaiting that reunion. Bring it on!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Two important insights

I have had two important insights today...

First insight: I have often read that if you desire something, it is already in existence. Until today those words sounded like theory. Now I get it! How can I even imagine it if it does not already exist somewhere? We create our desires in the spiritual realm then manifest them in the physical realm.

Second insight: Once again, words that I have read often now make sense. Today I was alone in my house and the entire neighbourhood was quiet (everyone at the mall Christmas shopping!). However I did not feel lonely. I listened to the birds, looked at the trees, and knew I was in the company of fellow souls. Embodiment on Earth comes in many forms.

Jesus says that we are Love, pure and simple. Everything is of God, God is Love, therefore we can only be Love. He suggests we refrain from looking for external proof of Ascension, and look within instead.

My personality rebels at his words, however my Higher Self knows he is right. Why? Because when I sit quietly, or walk in nature, I know in my heart it is true. I am Love - and so are you.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, December 20, 2013

Message from Lord Sananda

During meditation this morning I received this message from Lord Sananda:

'Excitement is building in all realms. The finish line is now clearly in sight. All see the final goal - emancipation of the Earth plane. Of course it is a beginning more than it is an ending. It is the beginning of the Golden Age on Earth, when all negativity has been banished forever. The negativity will not just 'disappear'. It will be transmuted and returned to Source. Never again will you suffer as you have for so many lifetimes. Freedom is within your grasp.'

'Nelson Mandela wanted to greet you - each one of you - as you return across the finish line. That is why he returned home ahead of you. Love and Light, beloved ones.'

My best friend and I were outside last night, looking at the night sky. We were looking at a moving star/satellite/whatever when it suddenly flashed a beam of green light downwards. She saw it; I missed it. The evening before I watched a star move in circles. Life in the heavens!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mass ascension

Are you feeling exhausted beyond belief at times? I keep telling myself, 'It is the energies, it is the energies...'

Kuthumi says via Marlene Swetlishoff at 'Allow in these times the gift of nurturance of self...Never in the history of planets has mass ascension of its inhabitants ever been attempted. We consider each of you the bravest of the brave as you move through this period in faith and trust...You hold the role of beacon of light for many others.'

I am trying to see life through my multi-dimensional self as much as possible. I am learning to have compassion for ignorant behaviour. I do not know the person's life story - maybe they had no loving role models.

Kuthumi says, 'Look for the signs in the heavens and on Earth...' I love the pictures/videos of pillars of light on the gaia website. I might start taking pictures - the pillars are not visible until the picture is uploaded. I strongly believe the Event involves Light from the sky...

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Time warp experience

Yesterday something strange happened. I woke up, my watch showed 7am so I leapt out of bed. Busy morning...jog...make lunch. Oven clock showed 7.45am - time seemed to be disappearing too fast, I wouldn't get everything done. I hopped into the shower...

...When I got out of the shower, my watch and oven clock both showed 7.02am! I was totally stunned. I know what I saw. Suddenly I had a whole hour to spare - enough time to do the housework and washing I had wanted to do, but did not have enough time.

As I wrote these words, Spirit said my multi-dimensional Self helped '3D me' see and believe it was 7am when I awoke, when it was actually 6am. My goodness! Very tricky but effective. :)

New subject...

During my daily meditation, I am used to communicating telepathically with Lord Sananda, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Metatron, Ashtar, Sanat Kumar, St Germaine and Mother Mary. We end with The Great Invocation which I say aloud. This morning I realized it felt strange. I am getting used to telepathy, the higher dimension form of communication. Yay!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The mission you were born for...

I like this message from the Office of Poofness at Poof apparently predicted of this time...'the times will be harsh, intense, seem unending, but they will be overcome. Our job is to hold on and hold up our faith. It is to remember that for this we were born...'

For this we were born - to help humanity ascend along with beloved Gaia. You were not born to work nine to five in a stressful job. Your job is just a cover for your real mission!

Think of yourself as an undercover spy, posing as a local in a foreign country. This comes easily to me as I believe I was a British spy in occupied France during WW2 in my last lifetime. I have been fascinated with WW2 spies since I was old enough to read.

The same article mentions the global currency revaluation is scheduled for early next year. The writer urges us to get our lives in order and be prepared. 'Be ready to do what's next for you without being hindered by loose ends.'

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, December 16, 2013

Are you treading water?

Do you feel you are treading water, waiting for 'something to happen'? Do you feel that, on the whole, you are complete with your 3D experience and you are waiting for your next adventure? Join the club!

I know this transition phase I am in is temporary. I don't know exactly what I will be doing when I leave this phase, but my heart tells me that big change is coming...

Archangel Uriel says via Jennifer Hoffman at '...many healing paths have been fulfilled and closure with 3D energies is complete...You will feel a desire to do something different with your life...As you feel new dreams coming to the forefront of your consciousness, give yourself permission to explore them.'

It does not matter if we lightworkers don't know the next phase of our journey. All that matters is that we are totally committed to the Ascension of Earth and humanity. Everything will unfold perfectly in line with the Divine Plan.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Lord Sananda on 'the Event'

During this morning's meditation I received a message from Lord Sananda regarding 'the Event'. He indicated that there will be a flotilla of thousands of space craft approach the Earth. However, they will spread their presence across the planet - therefore people will only see one or two in their area.

And, most importantly, only people tuned to the vibration of the space craft will see them! This factor explains the 'separation' that will occur naturally as Earth and humanity ascends. All lightworkers will see the craft. There will be so many of us sharing what we see that the rest of humanity cannot call us crazy. Safety in numbers!

Therefore people have to choose how they react to the news that space craft are visible, even if they cannot see them. Lord Sananda said there will be landings too.

How people choose to react will be entirely up to the individual. I imagine reactions will range on a continuum from completely denial to 'Tell me more...' We lightworkers cannot help the group who are in complete denial, but we can certainly support the millions who want more information.

This message may not resonate with some blog readers. Remember, I am just the messenger. Listen to your heart for your feelings about anything you read...

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Light tsunami

As I have said often, I choose to believe that an 'event' will soon take place that will transform the lives of all humanity upon the Earth plane. We lightworkers continue to live amongst a spiritually-asleep population, wondering if today might be the day...

My method for surviving this challenging transition phase is a combination of detachment, faith, self-care and gratitude. Every day I practice detachment from the many dramas at work....I bolster my faith with meditation and frequent walks in nature...I try to eat well, get plenty of sleep...and I focus on being grateful for the love and beauty in my life.

I like this message from the Sirians via Tazjima (Elizabeth Ayres Escher) at 'The Light tsunami that is about to hit the solar system, planet Earth, and you, will shatter the remaining debris and barriers of the old energy; it will not survive the increase in frequencies....'

'You are on the brink of becoming Masters and it is up to you to take the last steps through the thorny forest of self - doubt and shadow...You will emerge bright, glowing beings of great power and authority...The complexity of the mission you are involved with will become apparent.'

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Home-coming party

I was uplifted and inspired by this wonderful article:

I have made numerous 'visits' to the fifth dimension during regressions. My experience of the fifth dimension mirrors the description in this article: lush green meadows, vibrant flowers, sparkling water, blue sky, warmth and light. It truly is heavenly! It was always difficult to 'return to Earth' after those regressions.

Listen to your heart as you read the article. Do you want to be part of this glorious homecoming party in the higher dimensions? Can you visualize it? Allow your thoughts to drift to this happy occasion often throughout the day. Remember, you create your own reality.

I will save a place at the table for you! Do you like mayo with your salad? ;)

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Kindness, consideration and love

Archangel Michael spoke to Steve Beckow at He discussed the importance of kindness, consideration and love: 'When you go to the grocery store, there are smiles...They are genuine, heart connections eye-to-eye, "I see you, I honour you...Yes, you can go in front of me..."

I am concentrating on this very thing in my daily interactions with people. Cheerfully greeting everyone when I arrive at work...chatting to the checkout staff at the supermarket...complimenting someone on their lovely outfit/hair style.

I make sure every interaction is genuine, as Archangel Michael says. It is about being fully present with people, acknowledging their soul nature.

Archangel Michael also reminds us of the huge impact of our energy fields as lightworkers: 'Because of the magnitude of your energy fields you are doing it for thousands, and some of you are doing it for millions.'

I am visiting Wellington, capital city of New Zealand. It is heartening to think of my energy field impacting on so many people!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, December 13, 2013

Flotilla of space craft

Are you completely open to the possibility of our star brothers and sisters joining us sooner rather than later? When they appear, will you step forward and greet them? Will you reassure frightened bewildered people around you that all is well?

These are the questions we lightworkers need to be asking ourselves on the eve of potential massive change for Earth and humanity.

Here is what an entity named Cosmic Awareness says about Comet ISON via Will Berlinghof at 'Comet ISON is...hollowed out...for the purpose of disguising the approach of a flotilla of craft that are connected to the Galactic Federation...It is not to destroy or harm the planet but it is part of the design or plan....God's Plan or the Divine Plan.'

I believe this statement. I believe it because my heart/soul feels true excitement when I read the words. I am willing to be seen as crazy by everyone on this planet - that is how much faith I place in this statement. I have reached a point where 3D life makes no sense to me any more.

What does your heart/soul believe? Spend time every day listening to your heart and you will know...

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Top of the board teachers

I mentioned in a previous blog the vision I had of everyone emerging from underground bunkers after the Event. It is an analogy for emerging from the darkness of 3D life into the Light of higher dimensions.

Every single person on Earth will be affected by the Event. I have always known this, deep in my heart. After it happens Lightworkers will 'man their stations', calming humanity and keeping them informed.

The Galactic Federation of Light, via Blossom Goodchild at 'WHEN THE EVENT TAKES PLACE...each and every one shall behave according to the position of their soul at that time...'

'Instantly' many who thought they had little to offer and no-one to interact with shall find themselves top of the board teachers. For all the knowledge they have gained consciously shall gel with the knowledge KNOWN from long ago.'

I have been quietly studying metaphysics for nearly thirty years. I have been blogging for around five years. I have often felt isolated, wondering if anyone even reads the blogs. Yet I continued, because I believed the main part of my mission was yet to come.

Remember, when the moment arrives we will know what to do. Until then, onwards and upwards!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Soul excitement

Today I feel a strange inner excitement. It is not related to my third dimensional life which is dominated by work and weariness. Getting out of bed each day is a mission! No, this excitement is on a soul level.

I am wondering if my soul excitement is due to the 'good news' referred to by the Ascended Masters via Sheldan Nidle at 'Your realm is presently in the midst of a series of very important secret negotiations to bring you prosperity and freedom...We are moving forward at a good clip and intend to bring you good news shortly.'

My meditations with Spirit have been indicating 'good news' before Christmas. Spirit has been clear that there are no promises because of the free will nature of humanity. However they are 'very hopeful' that the divine plan will manifest as desired so deeply by all, incarnate and discarnate.

I do believe that top secret negotiations are taking places with the major world powers. Anyone can see the current global economic situation cannot continue. Change must happen!

Spend time each day sending Love and Light to all humanity - within Inner Earth, upon the Earth's surface and our star families. We are One.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, December 9, 2013

Get plenty of sleep...

Are you claiming your true identity as a lightworker and ascending Master? Remember, you would not be reading this blog otherwise...

Master Hilarion says via Marlene Swetlishoff at 'As you have met your great challenges and responsibilities to the higher order of things, you have qualified for the role of guide and teacher.'

'There has been much training taking place in the times your physical body sleeps, and this will activate in divine timing. Remembrance of your mission will become more available to you in the days ahead...'

I try to get at least seven hours sleep a night, preferably eight, for the sole reason of being available for my night training sessions in the spiritual realms. It is currently the main purpose of all lightworkers incarnate on the planet. What we do during the day is almost irrelevant. Lord Sananda calls our daytime activities 'parking your body'!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Obama refers to UFOs

I would recommend taking the time to read this whole channelled message from the Sirians via Tazjima:

'We are here now, to remind you that all who now live upon the Earth, despite their human appearances, are of alien origin.' That is one of the most significant statements you will ever read. Pass it on, if you dare!

The Sirians say, 'Soon the human race will have no memory of what has gone on before, as it will be of no importance to them any more.' I have mentioned often about not remembering what I did yesterday, last week, last month. It's gone! It's gone because only this moment is important.

I feel Disclosure is drawing ever closer. Recently President Obama joked at a White House awards presentation about Area 51. He also referred to Shirley MacLaine, who was receiving an award. Area 51 is linked to UFOs, and Shirley is a vocal supporter of UFOs. It is an extraordinary and brave move for a US President.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members



Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mini Spirit breaks...

I enjoyed Lee Harris's recent article at He discusses the challenge of staying centred in an increasingly chaotic world.

Lee says, '...find your own centre and remember who you are amid everything that's going on in the story of our world right now. Because where you place your attention and your focus, and what you start to think about can highly influence what happens to you next.'

He suggests saying to yourself, 'I return to my own energy field' when you get stressed, caught up in other people's dramas. He recommends you try for small frequent episodes of re-centring each day, maybe four minutes five times a day. It's good advice.

My daily routine involves immediate connection with Spirit upon awakening...a run/walk along the beach, talking to Spirit....ten to fifteen minutes meditation...all before 8.30am! During the evening I read gaia website and write my blog...go outside to talk to my star brothers and spiritual book before bed.

All up it's around ninety minutes a day - and I work full time. So if I can find that amount of time, I am sure you can manage twenty minutes a day in little sound bites!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Contact comes closer...

Wonderful news! Mike Quinsey who channels SaLuSa from Sirius, has recovered from his illness and is back on deck. Here are excerpts from his first channeling since March 2013:

'Ascension will be the culmination of all the changes occurring...You are being given the opportunity to permanently leave the cycle of rebirth...In your Solar System you are the last ones who wait to achieve Ascension, and you will continue to receive immense help until every soul has done so...

'The first official announcement (will) be made by President Obama acknowledging the existence and contact with our Space Friends...We ask you to stay with the Light at all times...'

This is the first time I have seen reference to Obama's role in First Contact. I suspected his involvement. As I wrote this post, I saw lightworkers all over the planet emerging from 'the dark' into the light and calming and reassuring humanity. It felt like coming out of a bunker after an air raid during war time.

Onwards and upwards, dear friends. We are all so weary but not long now. :)

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela lives on...

Blessings to Nelson Mandela, great lightworker and humble man. When I heard of his passing, my first thought was, 'Now he is free to continue his work in the spiritual realms.' I cannot imagine him resting until every single member of humanity is free...

The wait for the global currency revaluation seems interminable. During my meditation this morning, Lord Sananda said regarding the revaluation, 'It is all on track. It seems agonizingly slow to you lightworkers on the ground, but here in the spiritual realms we are delighted! We know that your redemption is just a 'breath' away.'

I like this message from Saul via John Smallman at 'Each of you is far vaster, and of infinitely more value than what your little egoic minds would have you believe. What God creates is, and remains forever perfect.'

I need to remember those words when I despair of new wrinkles on my face. I remind myself, 'This is a temporary body. My soul is a beautiful light body (with no wrinkles!)'

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Light heart, full pantry

Steve Beckow has written a series of articles on Lifting The Veil at He quotes from the Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, about the upcoming Event. I want to share some quotes (you may have read several here already)...

' This is THE BIGGEST EVENT that humanity has known...a EUPHORIC EVENT...YOU as an individual shall never return to 'the old self' before THE EVENT took place...This time of such hardship for the soul is to end...Once THIS EVENT arrives...there is no going will KNOW why you came...You will KNOW what it is you are here to do.'

Of all the channelled information, it is the Galactic Federation of Light's messages about THE EVENT that uplift and inspire me the most. I can almost feel the euphoria! I believe my work will involve liaising with the Federation in some way.

During my meditation this morning Sananda passed on two message for you. Firstly, keep your heart light. No matter what happens in your life, lift your energy into your high heart and keep it there always.

Secondly, stock up your food supplies. He said not in an 'over the top' way, but if your supplies are a little low, replenish. He said humanity tends to 'go crazy' when something major occurs globally (i.e. The Event). That's it!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Comet Ison's true identity

Are you aware of Comet Ison's true identity? The Pleiadians say via Goldenlight at that the 'comet' is actually a giant mothership. It is here to help Gaia and humanity join the rest of the planets in this solar system in the higher dimensions.

'This beautiful starship exists to bring together and form the new intergalactic societies between Earth and the star nations represented on this intergalactic ship.'

Some of the star nations are the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Orion, Venus and others. Our star families from many nations have been patiently helping humanity for eons. You can see why the channelled messages have an air of excitement -  after such a lengthy gestation period we are finally close to victory.

The Pleiadians refer to the intergalactic form of communication: telepathy. They suggest you start practicing it. Each morning when I meditate, I communicate telepathically with my loved ones at a soul level. Telepathy is just texting without a cellphone - try it!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Where is your attention?

Here are some words of wisdom from Patricia Cota-Robles: 'The Company of Heaven has assured us that if we will take the time to invoke our I AM Presence every morning, and then deliberately strive to add to the Light of the world with every breath we take, we will be successful beyond our wildest hopes and dreams.'

'We must be consciously aware of the profound Truth: Where our attention is, there we are!'

When I awaken each morning I take a few seconds to connect with my heart centre, my star family, God and Gaia. I remind myself of my true nature as a soul, take a deep breath and get out of bed to start my day.

During the day I try to practice gentleness and compassion as much as I am able. I am naturally an impatient, assertive person so it is taking a lot of concentration to slow down and be acutely aware of people around me.

Ultimately, we lightworkers are adding to the Light of the world just by our very presence. Imagine how much we can amplify that Light if we concentrate on it every moment of the day!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

SaLuSa's comforting words

I am battling tiredness today. I want to sleep for weeks! To boost my morale, I visited Mike Quinsey's website where he channelled messages from SaLuSa from Sirius. Sadly Mike's last message was March 2013, after which he became too ill to continue. I always loved those positive, uplifting messages.

Here is an excerpt from Mike's last channelling: '...I am SaLuSa from Sirius and see so much on the horizon that will lift you up. It is coming about quite quickly and will take many by surprise...It just needs one major change to be announced and the rest will follow in quick succession.'

'We admire the good sense of duty and application to your chosen path working for the Light...As you send Love to us, it is returned to you tenfold.'

I firmly believe the one major change SaLuSa refers to is the global currency revaluation (the reval). Once it takes place, our journey into the Golden Age of this planet truly begins. The shreds of veil hiding the higher dimensions from humanity will be cast aside forever. Hallelujah!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Set clear intentions

Life is passing in a blur as time rapidly disappears. It means we must prioritize our precious 'time' each day. Making space to connect with Spirit has never been more vital than now.

Our greatest challenge as lightworkers is straddling the third and fifth dimensions - keeping enough of our energy here to anchor light, and help humanity, without getting caught up in the illusion. Detachment, detachment, detachment!

Jennifer Hoffman writes at 'We have to be willing to prune the branches to encourage more growth...You cannot create the life you want without setting strong energetic  boundaires to manage the energy flows into and out of it. These boundaries are created by your intentions...'

The powerful energies pouring onto the Earth plane are enough to make you feel exhausted and overwhelmed. It is important to stay calm, focused and balanced. Set clear intentions. What is your intent for the next day, week, month?

Make your intentions crystal clear and then stay in close touch with Spirit so that they will manifest. It helps to have pictures, words to inspire you. My office wall is decorated with colourful pictures and lists of my intentions!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Imagine the veil...

Close your eyes and imagine the veil between the third and fifth dimensions...

What image did you get? Last year I saw the veil as tissue paper - I could easily tear it aside. The image I got just now was of a spiders web. There is nothing holding the illusion of the third dimension together except tenuous web-like threads.

Jesus says via John Smallman at 'You have the power to dissolve the illusion and that is what you are in the process of doing, so keep holding that intent and keep reminding yourselves that it is your intent when you find yourselves being drawn back into unreality.'

What is unreality? It is everything that is not of Love. Reality is Love, because Love is all that is. Therefore unreality is fear, worry, doubt, depression, guilt, shame, unworthiness etc.

We lightworkers must avoid getting drawn into the unreal world where much of humanity still chooses to dwell. We must discipline ourselves to stay in the real world of Love - otherwise we cannot role-model for them how to ascend with Gaia into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Onwards and upwards!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members