sAngels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!

Angels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!
You are reading this blog because your soul knows you are Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew. We came to Earth to help humanity ascend with Gaia to the higher dimensions. May this blog inspire you during this extraordinary time (please use discernment - posts are my opinion only).
Onwards and upwards, fellow Ground Crew members!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

You are a lightworker

Here is an excellent article by Archangel Michael:

If you don't have time to read it, here are excerpts:

'You are being called to join the leadership Light team, those who will show the way for the beautiful souls now awakening from their spiritual slumber...You are major players, my brave Ones, as we move to the next higher spiral of evolution.'

If you read this blog, you are definitely a lightworker, whether you recognize it or not. We lightworkers have many roles on Earth, whether public (blog writing), or behind the scenes (anchoring light). Please embrace your calling! Tell yourself every day, 'I am a lightworker' and believe it.

Archangel Michael says, 'There will still be those who come into your life with whom you do not resonate, and that will be so as long as you are in the physical vessel...Endeavour to love others with all your heart and soul, as the Creator loves you.'

It is not easy loving someone whose values are directly opposed to your own. I try to have compassion because I know the spiritual journey they have ahead of them. I say this not from ego because not long ago I was in their shoes. My spiritual journey these last 28 years has been very challenging at times.

Stay close to lightworkers you resonate with - we will need each other in the times ahead.

Love and Light fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, November 29, 2013

Definition of Ascension

Here is a description of Ascension from An Ascension Handbook by Tony Stubbs: 'Ascension is the process of raising the frequency of all the energy in your lower fields, including the cells of your physical body, so that they contain no energy which vibrates on the lower planes at all. Your lowest energy frequency - currently your physical body - is then in the fifth dimension.'

It is hard for us to gauge the progress of our own Ascension because we are immersed in it. However, we can remember to keep as much of our consciousness in the higher dimensions as we possibly can.

This morning I woke up tired. I thought, 'No, I - Higher Self/soul - am not tired. What is tired are my physical, emotional and mental bodies. They are tired. The real me never gets tired!' It makes a big difference when you detach and see yourself outside all of your bodies.

Remember to view your third dimensional life as a game. Your job is a game within a game. I am working within the game of getting people to build new houses. It is a game with great highs and lows - my challenge is to detach and see it for what it is.

Rest often. Stop and draw breath. Walk outdoors. It has rained all week and I have missed my precious outdoor time. Today the sun shines and I can walk in nature, be with Spirit.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Reval/Event Update Part 2

Aisha North channels enlightening information about the imminent Event, at

'What is coming in is of such magnitude, you need all the help you can get before hand in order to prepare you as best we can before it arrives on your shores...And arrive it will, as if out of the will leave no one untouched by it.'

Aisha uses words like 'storm' and 'droplets of light becoming a rain storm': 'The speed and ferociousness of the storm may seem to be more than daunting when it comes hurtling over the horizon...remember that it is nothing to fear...You are more than protected through all of this.'

What is my take on this information? Well, I have always believed the Event will involve massive Light from the heavens, possibly accompanied by our star brothers and sisters. It is possible there will be major weather/geophysical upheavals too.

I have no fear regarding any of these scenarios. What is happening in the materialistic third dimension is far more scary than anything Father/Mother God will manifest to uplift humanity to the higher dimensions.

I do know I am 100% ready for what lies ahead, and I am 100% committed to playing my role. We lightworkers are struggling to cope during this tiresome transition phase. Bring it on, I say!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Reval/ Event Update Part 1

I am so excited - and relieved - to read the latest channelled messages from Sheldan Nidle and Blossom Goodchild at

Galactic Federation of Light via Sheldan Nidle: 'Various groups...are starting to oversee the last days of the dark's odious system. A vast global currency reset is ready to manifest. The moment for our official entry into this reality is very close. Your Ascended Masters are ready to reveal new financial and governmental systems.'

Ascended Masters via Sheldan Nidle: 'Heaven has forged a special partnership between the Argathans, the Galactic Federation of Light and us...A wondrous event is ready to happen! The moment arrives for celebration....Rejoice! The time for your victory is at hand.'

The Galactic Federation speaks of The Event via Blossom Goodchild: 'You are the strongest of the will remember this and you shall act accordingly...Never before has such a 'display' taken place...It is Love in its highest form. It may 'cause' chaos due to those who choose to be bewildered....It is then that those in the know shall take over...and get on with the matter in hand.'

Everything points to the currency reset happening within weeks, as Sanat Kumara indicated to me last week. It will be followed closely by an Event (which I will discuss in more detail in next blog). We must believe with all our hearts that our time of victory is at hand. Onwards and upwards!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Self mastery on Earth

I have mentioned before that we lightworkers are cramming in last minute opportunities for growth as the third dimension fades away. Today I reminded myself of that fact. I have been in my job for just four weeks. I felt overwhelmed - I wanted to burst into tears and run away.

I went to the bathroom and gathered myself. I talked to myself in the mirror: 'Remember you chose this experience for a reason. This is your last chance to achieve self-mastery on Earth - now get back out there and prove to yourself you can do it!'

...And I did! The rest of the day was much better. I had allowed my vibration to sink into despair and self-pity. When I kept my vibration at a calm, unemotional level I not only coped, I blossomed.

Such are the highs and lows of spiritual self-mastery. I wish you every good blessing for your own journey.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, November 25, 2013

Releasing karmic vows

The book An Ascension Handbook by Tony Stubbs recommends releasing all karmic vows with everyone who has had an impact on your life.

I thought about my estranged birth family and realized that I needed to release vows with forty members of my paternal grandparents side of the family. Just one person of the entire extended family ever loved and accepted me: my beloved uncle who has passed on.

I visualized Lord Sananda and Mother Mary standing either side of me as I released karmic vows with the extended family as a whole, then my immediate family individually. Afterwards, I released vows with two former partners.

It was liberating and empowering. I was able to tell each person that I forgive them, release them and that I love them in the Light. I have been unable to say I love them up until now because it felt insincere. It took a great deal of energy to hold the high vibration necessary to achieve my purpose but it was worth the effort.

I recommend you make time to release all your karmic vows, whether the person is here or in Spirit. We lightworkers cannot do the work of helping humanity ascend while we are weighed down with our own karmic baggage.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Telephone switchboard technique

I am reading an excellent book An Ascension Handbook by Tony Stubbs, channeling Serapis Bey. Try this technique for instantly raising your vibration:

'How do you unplug from the fear-based frequencies of personality, and plug into the love-based frequencies of Spirit? Imagine an old fashioned telephone switchboard with wires going everywhere...Now imagine that all the lower holes are where you plug into the consensus reality: fears, anything that is not fun or joyful. The upper holes are joy, laughter, abundance etc. See yourself unplugging all the wires from the lower holes and plugging them into the upper row of Spirit.'

Isn't that a great idea? Any time you feel depressed, lonely, doubtful - see yourself taking those 3D plugs out of the bottom row of the switchboard and plugging them into the joy and bliss of the top row.

Visualization is a powerful tool. I am using it to great effect each evening during my 'perfect life' meditation. I find myself smiling as I snorkel amongst the tropical fish - it is that real! Why not give it a go yourself?

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fan the flame of excitement

My workplace continues to fascinate me... It is strange being 'invisible' because everyone else is totally engrossed in the 3D illusion. We lightworkers are working hard to 'keep our chin up' as we plunge into the illusion day after day.

Jesus says via John Smallman at 'We encourage you to hold on to your enthusiasm and your excited anticipation for your awakening...Excited enthusiasm is a powerful intent.'

I understand what Jesus means - our excited enthusiasm is helping to create humanity's ascension. That is why I try to fan the flames of enthusiasm, hope and excitement when I feel them stirring in my heart. Thankfully it is happening more and more...

Hilarion says via Marlene Swetlishoff: 'Look around you and see who it is who is still with you, and know that these ones are able to work in unity with you in the increased energies. Their role in your life is important or they would not still be with you.'

I am conscious of being grateful for the precious loved ones left in my life - just three. I started tallying up in my mind all the people who have fallen away but I stopped because it was so depressing. Hilarion is right: focus on gratitude for those beloved soul friends who remain.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Aha! moment

I was reading Matthew Ward's latest message at when I had an Aha! moment. He said, 'Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want.'

I have read those words countless times over the years, but today they finally hit home. I have been unwittingly focussing on not wanting to be lonely. I have not mustered the motivation to do something about it. That will change, from today...

Every night I will visualize my perfect state on the Earth plane. I am at Aitutaki in the Cook Islands with my best friend. I am snorkeling (bliss!), eating, laughing. My soul mate joins me there later. I will make it so real that I can feel the water on my skin, sand under my feet...

This vision has to be more real than my sense of isolation. It will be so powerful it becomes reality. I have done it before - my Italian trip manifested out of thin air - and I can do it again. First step? I have taken my wetsuit from the back of the wardrobe and put it where I can see it every day.

If you are weary, and running out of steam, please take heart from this message. Visualize your own perfect state on the Earth plane until it becomes reality. It will! We cannot wait for the 'reval' to rescue us - we have to meet it half-way.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Talking to your bodies...

I think it was Master Hilarion who discussed feeling your way through each day as the incoming energies pour onto the planet. He said the only thing you can trust are your feelings (your heart) as chaos swirls around you.

I find myself doing it instinctively. Here is an example from today so far (it is only 11.30am). I woke at 7am. Will I get up and go for a walk? I listened to my body...'No, I want more rest', so I stayed in bed until 8am.

When I got up I wondered whether to do washing and housework, or leave it until tomorrow. I listened to my body...'Yes, do it today, I have energy today and I want to rest tomorrow.' OK, no problem.

My emotional body is telling me, 'I want a quiet day, no visitors. I am looking forward to that beachwalk before dinner...' My spiritual body says, 'I needed that nice long meditation this morning, thank you.' You are welcome!

See how it goes? Communicating with all your bodies separately helps you detach and remember you are your Higher Self/soul. Your bodies are vehicles for your soul to use to fulfill your Earth mission. Take good care of them and they will serve you well.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members.


The lightworker wagon train

I received a comment from a blog reader about running out of steam. I completely relate to this comment. Every day I focus on putting one foot in front of the other, trying to stay positive. I have faith in the incoming energies, even though major 'Events' are yet to take place.

Aisha North writes at 'You are the are literally breaking new ground for all of mankind so that they can follow in your footsteps...Out of chaos is where the new will emerge...keep on singing'.

This week my daughter and I watched The Sound of Music. Afterwards we sang - in wobbly harmony - many of the old favourites from the movie. It felt great! Also I sing in my ukulele class. There is still joy to be found in the chaos.

A pioneering image helps to put our lightworker role into perspective. Think of the Wild West pioneers - the men and women who blazed a trail across America in the toughest of conditions. We had our pioneers here in New Zealand too.

Now it is 2013 and we lightworkers are pioneers of Nova Earth. We could be considered crazy - as were the pioneers of America and New Zealand. However we passionately believe in our mission - as did they. We will not give in to weariness and disillusionment. We just need to go to bed earlier! (Spirit's recommendation to me in meditation).

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members. Blessings to each one of you.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

The rainbow bridge

Here is a link to a wonderful channelled article from the Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild:

I was excited to read about The Bridge, which I have personally experienced during fifth dimension regressions. During the regressions I saw myself on a rainbow bridge, dressed as a shepherd holding a staff, guiding thousands of people across this bridge.

The Federation says, 'Once this Event arrives, there is no going back...One shall recognize Truth in an overwhelming instant...Keep your eyes and ears alert.'

During my meditation this morning, Sanat Kumara said, 'We are all on high alert now. It is weeks, not months. Everything is falling into place on the Earth plane. We are joyous for you at what lies ahead. Just hang on for this long (I saw an image of his thumb and index finger held close together).'

I feel myself slipping between dimensions - frequent episodes of deja vu, inexplicable time loss, premonitions. And it is so strange interacting with people who are fully immersed in 3D life: they don't see me! It is as if I am invisible to them because they cannot relate to me.

I would love to hear about your experiences - please leave a comment. Onwards and upwards, not long now...:)

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Loss of family and friends

I am totally blessed with two gorgeous loving daughters, a wonderful loyal best friend, and several other good friends. So I cannot say I am alone on the Earth plane. However I have often written about the loss of family and friends as I have followed my heart and lived my truth.

This year I lost the support and comfort of two lightworker friends, increasing my sense of isolation. I questioned myself whether I was at fault in some way. It was reassuring to read these words from the Pleiadian Light via Hannah Beaconsfield:

'Episodes of ego disconnect (separation) become painful for ascension pioneers because they are trying to navigate their changing reality while burdened with a sense of loss and emptiness...One of the most difficult sources of the sense of emptiness is the loss of people from your lives.

'You may reach a point at which you look around and think that you are all alone. Your people interactions feed you a reflection of who you are and keep you entrenched in the 3D version of yourself. The disconnection frees you to transform...

'Self judgment and guilt are likely when you are losing friends...Understand this is not anything you have done wrong. And remember you are never alone.'

I wear an amethyst bracelet - my guides and Masters recommend I touch it often to remind me of their constant presence in my life.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Currency reval update

I love Sheldan Nidle's channelings from the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ascended Masters at It seems the global currency revaluation is imminent. Read these excerpts from his latest article and judge for yourself...

Galactic Federation: 'Our representatives and those who support their efforts are preparing to push the button at the right divine moment. We fully expect this to happen shortly.'

Ascended Masters: 'Our sacred associates are working diligently to ready a new global financial system. This system is filled with traditional time restraints as we enter the holiday season...We have also given some wisdom from the Galactic Federation on the coming first contact with you. The events needed to bring this forward are now manifesting.'

Yay! The enormous patience and fortitude of every lightworker on the ground here on planet Earth may finally be rewarded. I take great hope from the mention of holiday season - it indicates that action could be just around the corner.

I have read from many different sources that the global currency revaluation will create a jubilant atmosphere for humanity, raising our vibration to the point where we can see our beloved star brothers and sisters - who have been here all along!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Rainbow star ship sighting

Last night I was happy to see a rainbow star ship in the sky. If you are a regular night sky viewer, you will soon learn the difference between a normal star and a rainbow star ship. The star ships flash glimmers of red and green, and seem to sparkle.

I am enormously grateful for the physical presence of our star brothers and sisters. It warms my heart to see their ships in the sky. No matter what is happening on the Earth plane, their presence indicates a much bigger purpose and plan. I feel their message is, 'Hang on just a little longer....'

I am sure you are feeling weary, as I am. It seems a long day until my head hits the pillow. Spirit says not to worry about my paid employment - my 'real' job takes place at night. Most of us lightworkers are helping Archangel Michael during our sleep state, working in the most troubled parts of the world.

Be proud of what you are achieving - while it is completely unrecognized in 3D life your efforts are immensely appreciated in the spiritual realms. Spirit says we are working 'undercover'!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members.


Monday, November 18, 2013

What do you deeply desire?

Isn't it hard trusting Spirit to manifest that which you so deeply desire? Your soul is calm about it, knowing that it is 'in the bag', but your personality wants to see concrete evidence - now!

Linda Dillon says of the Law of Attraction at 'If it was not already in form, in existence, you would not desire it'. Isn't that an interesting thought? You want it because it is already here. Otherwise how would you know about it??

Linda suggests you meditate and visualize yourself pulling that which you desire from the golden grid directly into your heart, whether it is your soul mate, great job or new car. Hey, I'm going for gold and requesting all three!

Digressing...I am feeling physically slightly unwell today. There is a lot of illness around at present as we clear every vestige of blockage from our bodies. I will go home from work early and rest. It is so important to heed the signs from all our bodies - if rest is required, you will be shown.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life as a rollercoaster

My previous blog referred to surrendering to the incoming energies. Aisha North writes at 'You are changing so rapidly now, there is no sense in trying to keep abreast in any way...You must simply let yourself surrender completely to this ever-flowing river of chaotic change.'

For years I have urged you to listen to your heart. I know if you listen carefully to your heart you will be guided by your Higher Self and spirit guides.

Here is Jesus, via John Smallman: 'God's plan is brilliant, beautiful, perfect. Here in the spiritual realms we are in constant delighted amazement as it continues to unfold just has He intends...

'Your guides, mentors and channels in the spiritual realms have been keeping you up-to-date on the aspects of it that affect you directly. So pay attention, listen to their advice and guidance, take it to heart and act on it.'

My life continues to feel like a rollercoaster, yet one thing has changed: I am accepting it. I am not questioning the whys and wherefores of such rapid, often inexplicable change. I feel divinely guided. I keep telling myself, 'Stay calm, all is well'...because it is!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mattress in the sky

It is important to stay connected to the big picture of your Ascension journey. Otherwise there is no respite as you catapult down the rapids. Hop out of the river! See yourself from the detached perspective of your Higher Self.

What I see is the changes in all my bodies. My physical body gets headaches when I don't drink enough water and indigestion if I eat the wrong foods. My emotional body instantly understands what is love and what is not love. 'Non-love' manifests as a sick feeling in my stomach.

My mental body has become really impressive! I am soaking up vast amounts of knowledge in a short time. My spiritual body meditates easily now - I only need think of a loved one and I am immediately in the higher frequencies of pink Light and Love.

Here is an image for my Ascension journey: floating on a mattress in the sky. I am drifting in a state of complete surrender and bliss, allowing the Universe to carry me where I need to go, feeling totally safe and loved.

I confess that third dimensional life often diverts me from this lovely image. However I sense it is always there, waiting for me to reconnect with it. Close your eyes right now and ask Spirit to show you an image for your Ascension journey.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Global currency revaluation

I am having a 'drifting around' day, where I am allowing myself to relax and play. In my case, play is astrology - I have spent hours reading my charts. It's fun! It is important to have days like this at present on the Earth plane. The energies are so intense, we need to take a break every so often...

The global currency revaluation could happen any day/week now. Certainly Lord Sananda's message for you to buy Vietnamese dong indicates to me that action is not far away.

Have you thought about what you will do when you are suddenly wealthy? Read the many articles at under Currency Revaluation. You need to be prepared, with a practical plan, otherwise you could be overwhelmed.

My first step will be to go to a kind lawyer I met recently and make him my right-hand man. He helped an elderly client of mine when I worked in real estate - it was in his own time, unpaid. That's my kind of guy! He will be my first team member.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Update on The Event

Lord Sananda asked me to pass this message on to you...'If you have not already done so, buy Vietnamese dong. The time is fast approaching for the global currency revaluation.' End of message. Remember I am just the messenger!

I love the latest channeling from the Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild:

Please read it all. The Event sound so close now, doesn't it? I love this phrase, 'Nothing shall ever be the same again.' I am completely ready for nothing to ever be the same again.

Yesterday I drove past a house my ex-husband and I built five years ago. I realized how far I have progressed since I left there. So many changes, including two further houses and an upcoming divorce. Every single change was necessary to bring me to the point I am at today.

I am contemplating further change. I am not in a rush; I am quite happy for Spirit to reveal the next phase of my Earth journey when the time is right. I just know, deep in my heart, that change is on the way for me. It no longer scares me. I go where Spirit needs me to be to fulfill my Earth mission.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, November 11, 2013

Conversation with a bird

Gillian MacBeth Louthan writes at 'The energies of the 11:11 doorway are enhanced by nature and her hidden sounds...The birds sing to heal you. This 11:11 door asks you to listen to what earth speaks to you.'

This morning I had a lovely experience returning from my beach walk. I nearly stood on a bird just in front of me. Instead of flying away, the bird hopped ahead of me down a narrow path, for quite a way. It was amazing! Spirit said that the bird was (symbolically) leading me home.

After a while, the bird stopped and hopped to one side of the path. It looked me straight in the eye and 'talked' to me! I telepathically thanked the kind soul that inhabited the bird for guiding me home. On that note, it flew away.

Gillian goes on, 'As you stand in this portal (11:11), there will be no more excuses. Everything you do in upcoming time influences the outcome of events...No longer will you be at the mercy of others. It is time to make eternal peace.'

Amen to that!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


God placed you in position

The typhoons in the Phillippines are creating a major cleansing for our planet and beloved Gaia. Every single soul who 'perished' has fulfilled their soul contract and returned Home. This morning during meditation, I saw their spirit lights rising joyfully into the sky!

Jesus says of the typhoons, via John Smallman at '...Those of you far removed from the physical scene of these ongoing trials and crises can assist enormously just by intending to send Love to those in need...'

We lightworkers can feel quite helpless during such traumatic global events. However we must believe the Ascended Masters when they remind us that just our presence on Earth is sending Love and Light to all humanity. If we add our prayers and meditation to the mix, we are extraordinarily effective.

Jesus says, '...You were placed in position, in this precise position, by God your loving Father Who understands you perfectly, and Who placed you, and no one else, precisely where you could be most effective...Relax into the truth of that, and enjoy your journey.'

I am sensing, on a very deep level, the perfection of my life. If I was slightly off track, there would be loud alarm bells ringing. There are none. Therefore, backed by my daily meditations, I can trust the progress of my unfolding mission. I ask you to do the same.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Lord Sananda's message for you

This morning during meditation Lord Sananda/Jesus gave me this message: 'We want you to pass this message on to blog readers, who are all lightworkers, one and all.

'When the veil falls, everything will happen very quickly. All lightworkers will be at their stations, ready to go. You will each instinctively know what to do.

'We have all "rehearsed" for this moment countless times.  Stay close to each other. You will need (symbolically) life rafts, for there are turbulent seas ahead.

'We emphasize that every one of you - and all your family members - will be safe. Please be reassured on this matter, beloved ones. And remember always, when the time comes, you will know what to do. Peace be with you.'

It has been a long while since I received a direct message for lightworkers from Lord Sananda, so I take this message seriously. This morning was the ideal situation in which to receive it - it is my day off work and I feel calm, centred and balanced.

I am understanding the vital importance of that word 'balanced'. Every day I focus on creating that balance. It takes enormous discipline to fit daily walks, meditation, blog research/writing around full time work and a one hour commute. But I am doing it. Therefore you can too!

Onwards and upwards, dear friends. Remember, we must support each other. Throw a life raft to a fellow lightworker - a text, email or phone call - today.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vital message from St Germaine

Wow! So much to share today, so I will just go for it...

Firstly, I consider this article by St Germaine vital reading for all lightworkers:

He says, 'View this tough phase in which you now find yourselves as an enormous gift.'

I am so conscious of my purpose for working in a demanding full time job. I have done it to create a pressure-cooker situation to allow a final massive clearing. All my insecurities are being addressed at once, mostly related to money, performance, trusting in Spirit etc etc. Whew! Each day is chock-full of lessons and opportunities for growth.

St Germaine says, 'Have for each one another...relax...breathe deeply...ground yourself...I ask you to call on me or on the Ascended Masters whenever things get too tough.'

I have mentioned that I meditate every day with aspects of Lord Sananda, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Metatron, Commander Ashtar, Sanat Kumara, St Germain and Mother Mary. We are all in a circle, sending the Violet Flame to our beloved Gaia.

Each of these Ascended Masters always makes time for a personal message of love and comfort for me. And guess what? You could have that same level of personal support if you choose! The Ascended Masters are there for all of us. The only thing blocking you is doubt that 'they would really want to talk with me...'

Please overcome that doubt. All lightworkers are in this together, whether Ascended Masters in Spirit or Ground Crew on the Earth. We are a team! All for one, and one for all - remember??

Final words from St Germaine: 'Be well, Masters of Ascension (that's you!). I feel absolutely blessed with such brothers and sisters...You are all wondrous Masters and it truly is an honor to co-operate with all of you.'

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of connecting with nature and meditating every day. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the incoming energies that I could just topple over and give up. But I don't. I plough on...

If all else fails, I go outside. I breathe fresh air, feel the sun on my face, look at the trees, listen to the birds. Thank God for all that beauty! Outside is where you will find God, always waiting to connect with you.

Onwards and upwards. :)

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Living in the Now: such fun!

Archangel Michael is always urging us to 'dream big'. I have resisted this advice until now, mainly because I have been plodding along in survival mode, day by day. But something has changed...

...I can feel abundance just around the corner! I find myself dreaming big without any effort whatsoever. I could not stop these big dreams from entering my heart, even if I tried. It feels like riding a huge wave in the ocean: exhilarating, crazy and even though it has risky elements to it, you do it all the same.

My big dream includes building another house. It will be my fourth house and I am engaging in the delicious creative process - before the currency revaluation has even happened. What has changed to turn me from a gloomy plodder into a joyful creator? I have entered the Now space, where the revaluation has already happened!

Wow, living in the Now is such fun. It is all about freedom and the awareness that anything is possible. You can step into the Now space any time you like within your day. It helps to have sun on your face and wind in your hair...:)

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Craziness of K Mart

Yet more exciting articles from I believe we must be very close to the global currency revaluation. Yesterday Spirit told me that financial abundance will make everyone euphoric, resulting in our vibrations rising to match the incoming energies. Therefore the Event will not be such a massive shock.

I believe the Event will be utterly blissful. I feel it will involve angelic beings, glorious light and sound from the heavens. It will leave everyone on Earth in no doubt that we are all divine in nature.

The Ascended Masters, via Sheldan Nidle: 'We come to you bearing most blessed news! You are very close to the changes that are finally to set you free...The changes in currencies, as well as the arrests that will occur, are to portend the rise of the Light and the transition to a higher state of consciousness.'

 This morning I had to visit a new K Mart store on its opening day. It was crazy! Crowds of people crammed into the house of materialism, as if they had waited their whole life for this magic day.

Later I sat in a park, admiring the beautiful trees, listening to the birds. It made sense in a way that the K Marts of 3D life just don't any more. It is more materialism, more stuff - what's the point? As you go about your busy daily life, stay close to Spirit and make time to be outdoors!

Love and Light fellow Ground Crew members


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Practice not being human

Here is an exciting channeled message from the Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild. I recommend you make time to read the whole message, and read it not just with your eyes but with your heart:

I agree with them when they say, 'You know...that you are so very close now'. On a soul level, everyone on Earth knows about the coming event. It depends how immersed each individual is in third dimensional life, as to whether they honour that inner knowing.

We lightworkers actively seek regular connection with the higher frequencies, therefore we are much more receptive to the incoming energies. It will be our role to 'calm the masses' when the extraordinary event takes place.

There is also a re-posted message from the Arcturians. It talks about how we need to practice not being human. We need to constantly remember that we are Spirit having a human experience, not the other way around.

I love the reminder from the Arcturians that we are not in our physical bodies when we sleep or meditate; we are in our light body in the higher frequencies of reality. Therefore meditation is an excellent conscious practice of not being human.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Monday, November 4, 2013

A new way beckons...

I am discovering the intrigues and office dynamics of my new workplace. Nothing changes! Same dysfunction, different setting. It is the ideal environment in which to practice detachment. A tiny part of the 'real me' rocks up dutifully 9 - 5, makes the calls, does the paperwork. The vast part of me - my soul nature - is serenely elsewhere...

This job is just another mini-adventure in the big adventure of Earth life. This particular mini-adventure will last until all those involved have learned the lessons they need to learn from it. I am open to riding this wave, as I have ridden so many others in this lifetime.

I wonder what new adventure/wave awaits me? And you?

I enjoyed Hilarion's latest article via Marlene Swetlishoff. Here are excerpts: 'The world is alive with myriad possibilities and potentials. In each individual's life, a new way beckons with a multitude of opportunities that require careful consideration.

'Let your light shine forth out into the universe as a beacon to its inhabitants that the Earth is ready to become a member in good standing with the federation of planets who have been waiting endless eons for this to occur.'

It is time for humanity to leave the 'naughty corner' at kindergarten and graduate to 'big kids' school'! We have been punishing ourselves long enough.

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Earth game fading fast

I notice that I am compelled to speak my truth these days. For much of my life I presented an edited version of myself to the world because it was convenient. Now that social pretense has disappeared. It is liberating to be me!

I am very busy with a full time job and live-in daughter. Yet, underneath the busyness is a state of calm that deepens with each passing moment. I have shared often about feeling that none of the details of daily life matter anymore. The game of Earth life is fading yet most players continue to play with such intensity. Oh dear, if only they knew...

Jesus says via John Smallman at 'A little more patience on your part is still requested...' I am happy to be patient. Is that really me speaking? Lack of patience has been my Achilles Heel throughout this lifetime. Now, finish line within sight, I develop patience. Better late than never!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Personal invite to ascended Masters

Here is an interesting request from St Theresa in Linda Dillon's book The New You. She says, 'There is nothing I would love more than for you to invite me to take a walk...for us to simply be together. All of us, St Germaine, St Francis, Yeshua, Maitreya, Kuthumi, we all feel the same way and the more you invite us, the clearer we become. You begin to see us clearly with your third eye.

'Invite us as you would invite a friend to go for dinner, to cook, garden, travel...We are your best friends, we are the family who has loved you forever, we want to feel your love as well, and we want to feel your invitations to share your life.'

It has never occurred to me to invite the Masters and Archangels to share my daily life. I admit I call on them frequently for guidance, for strength. And I am always thanking them for the assistance they give me. But from now on, I will invite them to join me on my beach walks, and nightly star-gazing.

I will issue an open invitation, 'Who wants to come?' It will be lovely to have a more personal relationship with these wonderful enlightened beings. Remember they have the ability to be everywhere all at once, so why not be with you??

'OK, ascended Masters and Archangels, I am going grocery shopping this afternoon. Who would like to join me?!"

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members


Friday, November 1, 2013

Three flashes of light in night sky

Last night I was blessed with three separate flashes of white light from different parts of the night sky. It is always thrilling to see one flash but three flashes takes it to another level altogether. This morning I asked in my meditation why three lights. Spirit said they wanted to reassure me that I am not alone. Wow! Message received loud and clear...

I am reading Linda Dillon's book The New You. I am inspired by her chapter on Hope: 'Hope encompasses serenity; total and perfect calm. To be in the world but not of it, to be able to remain centred and still, one with who you are regardless of externals.

'When we are in the still point, we are in that place of hope. It is holding that alignment of knowing...that everything is in alignment even when it looks completely screwed up.'

Hope is a big factor in my ability to keep on keeping on. I know there is a bright future for humanity and I want to play my tiny part in helping to create that future. Ascension is the key that unlocks the door to that beautiful future.

We lightworkers must keep hope alive in our hearts, even in our darkest hour. If you are struggling, feeling isolated, reach out to a fellow lightworker - together find the laughter and joy again. We are never alone!

Love and Light, fellow Ground Crew members